Royce Masonry Management Team

Quality & Customer Service

Royce Masonry is dedicated to delivering outstanding service and superior quality on every job, every time.

  • Our products are priced competitively with the intention of being the low bidder on every project.

  • We consistently supply the resources to stay ahead of schedule and meet or beat project deadlines. 

  • All of our products including masonry fencing, retaining walls, veneers, pavers and structural masonry meet the highest quality standards. 

  • We do not cut costs through reduced quality or non code compliant work. All of our products are code compliant even if the work is not required to be permitted or inspected, protecting our customers from future liabilities.

  • Only experienced first class professional management and workers capable of delivering exceptional quality and outstanding service are employed by Royce.

  • We provide innovation for our customers through customized engineering and designs aimed at reducing project costs while retaining the highest quality.

  • We maintain reliable, high quality and timely customer service and warranty service.

  • We provide a safe and drug-free workplace protecting our employees from injury and protecting our customers from liability.

Royce Masonry customer response
Royce Masonry customer service team
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