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Engineering & Product Planning

Royce Masonry has a long-standing relationship with Caruso, Turley, Scott (CTS) engineering firm. As a result, CTS has dedicated a division specifically to work with Royce Masonry. These “in-house” services are a tremendous benefit as it enables Royce to provide valuable engineering, consulting and planning, along with cost-savings recommendations. These services also expedite the design and approval process. (


When a builder or developer works with Royce Masonry, their time commitment to the permit process is minimized. Royce will provide full services to gain the necessary permitting. In fact, Royce has Standard Plan Approval or pre-approval in almost all municipalities, saving the customer both time and money.

Special Inspection

Special Inspection is available for masonry fencing and retaining walls. Field inspections are performed by the appointed engineer at specified intervals, resulting in an official record of inspections and compliance. Many customers are taking advantage of this service, finding that it not only insures that code compliant engineering is being used, but it also reduces or replaces permitting.

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