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Royce offers a complete spectrum of masonry products. These products include offsite masonry theme walls, view walls, interior screen walls, columns, retaining walls, entry walls, specialty masonry and more.

Royce Masonry has extensive engineering designs for both conventional and Proto II™ wall systems for all wall types. All of our masonry products meet the highest quality standards and use code compliant engineering, even if the work is not required to be permitted or inspected, protecting our customers from future liabilities.

Theme Walls are decorative masonry walls typically used for highly visible areas of a project. Decorative masonry block is commonly used for Theme Walls and is available in a wide variety of styles allowing for countless designs.

View Walls are a combination of masonry wall and view iron fence. View walls are normally used to provide visibility to a common or landscaped area. View walls are also frequently used for the model home area of a project.

Screen Walls are usually a plain masonry wall used in less visible areas of project. Screen walls are also commonly used for interior fencing around houses.

Columns are used throughout a project for wall ends, wall corners, decoration, entries and gates. Columns vary in size and can be plain or decorative. Like theme walls, there are countless designs available.

Retaining Walls are used to retain soil when there is a change in grade. The terrain and grade conditions on a project determine the need for retaining walls.

Entry Monument Walls
are used at the entrance of the project and typically include a sign wall. These walls are usually quite decorative.

Specialty Masonry includes Barbeques, fire pits, seat walls, fireplaces and many others.

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