Royce Masonry wall installation project

Proto II™ Retaining Walls

In the mid 1990’s Proto-II™ Wall Systems expanded from masonry fencing and introduced the Proto-II™ Retaining Walls. The Proto-II™ Retaining Walls use the same post tension technology as the original Proto-II™ Fence Walls and yield the same advantages and more.

Because Proto II™ Retaining Walls are post tensioned they require no grout, no grout inspections and no waiting time for grout to cure. Proto II™ Retaining Walls can be backfilled immediately after tensioning reducing up to a 30 day wait time. The absence of grout also significantly reduces the cost of labor and materials.

With increased strengths, reduced installation time and significant savings, Proto-II™ Retaining Walls have become an excellent alternative to conventional retaining walls.

Proto II™ Retaining Walls provide many advantages:

  • Superior strength and durability
  • Significant cost savings
  • Retaining capability up to almost any height
  • Faster installation, no grouting
  • Immediate backfill, no waiting for grout to cure
  • Greater resistance to efflorescence
Royce Masonry retaining wall example 1
Royce Masonry retaining wall example 2
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