Royce Masonry wall installation

What is Proto II™ ?

The Proto II™ Wall System is a patented and engineered masonry wall design that uses post tensioning to structurally support masonry in lieu of rebar and grout. The Proto II™ is available in 4”, 6” and 8” wide masonry fencing and also in 8” and 12” wide retaining walls.

The Proto II™ Fence and Retaining Walls use the same masonry block and have the same appearance as conventional masonry walls. The difference is on the inside: the post tensioned engineering that is used to structurally support the wall. This advanced technology provides a stronger, more efficient design.

How does post tensioning work in masonry walls?

The Proto II™ Wall is constructed using concrete footings and standard concrete masonry units (CMU block).

High strength steel tension rods are connected to rebar in the footing.

A Steel bearing plate, a high grade nut and a Direct Tension indicator (DTI) washer are installed near the top of wall.

The rod, plate and nut assembly are tightened to a specific torque rating which collapses the DTI to achieve the specified tension within a 3% tolerance.

This tensioning results in compression distributed throughout the wall, dramatically increasing its strength and load capacity over conventional grouted masonry walls.

Royce Masonry proto wall detail
Royce Masonry Proto II™ diagram
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