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About the Company

Royce Masonry is a three-generation, family-owned business with a sixty-year history in the masonry industry in Arizona. It started in the early 1950’s when Louis Greenberg purchased a lumber yard in Phoenix called Dooley’s and began selling wood fencing. He came up with the idea of masonry fencing as an upgraded product to sell with new homes.

With the help of an engineer, Louis designed an affordable masonry alternative to wood fencing known as the Dooley (or pilaster) wall. He immediately began marketing the idea and soon almost all homebuilders were offering masonry fencing with new homes. The masonry fencing industry had been launched. Louis’s son, Harold Greenberg, joined the family business in 1972.

After Dooley’s was sold, Harold started Royce Masonry in Tucson in 1974. The tradition of leadership and innovation continued when Harold invented and patented the Proto II™ Wall System in 1985.

In 1986 Harold expanded Royce Masonry to Phoenix at which time Debby Merritt (Harold's daughter) joined the family business. Debby managed operations of the company for almost thirty years, and now serves as Vice Chairman of the Board. Providing value through innovative thinking has been a trademark of Royce Masonry that has been carried on through generations.

Louis Greenberg
Old Royce wall
Harold Greenberg
modern Royce wall
Debby Merritt

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