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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long has Royce Masonry been in business?

The family that owns Royce Masonry is known as the pioneer of the masonry fencing industry which they started back in the 1950’s. Royce Masonry opened its Tucson office in 1974 and its Phoenix area office in 1986 as branches of this long standing family business.

2. What masonry products does Royce provide?

Royce offers a complete spectrum of masonry products. These products include offsite masonry theme walls, retaining walls, interior screen walls, view walls, columns, entry walls, specialty masonry and more.

3. Does Royce provide products other than masonry?

Royce Masonry provides numerous secondary products often needed for a masonry project including: Stone Veneer, View Iron, Gates, Concrete Footings, Paint, Waterproofing, Pre-cast Concrete, Stucco, Demolition, Special Inspection and more!

4. Will Royce Masonry build a masonry fence around my home or repair damage to my existing fence?

Royce Masonry only contracts with home builders, developers and contractors for large masonry projects.

5. What is the difference between the Proto-II™ Walls and conventional masonry walls?

The Proto II™ Fence and Retaining Walls use the same masonry block and have the same appearance as conventional masonry walls. The difference is on the inside: Conventional masonry walls use rebar and grout for support, while the Proto II™ Walls use post tensioning. This advanced technology provides a stronger, more efficient design. The Proto II™ Wall is available in 4”, 6” and 8” wide masonry fencing and also in 8” and 12” wide retaining walls. For more information on Proto II™ Wall Systems go to

6. Does Royce Masonry only build Proto-II™ Walls?

No. Royce Masonry can build any engineered masonry wall. Royce also has value engineering designs that meet or exceed city requirements for conventional fence and retaining walls.

7. Are there any Royce projects that I can view?

Royce Masonry has countless projects throughout Phoenix, Tucson and the surrounding areas. To view our projects go to the Contact Us page and we will be happy to provide specific project locations.

8. Does Royce Masonry contract work outside of the Phoenix & Tucson areas?

Royce works in the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas and surrounding areas, but does not contract for out of state work. Proto-II™ Wall Systems can be contacted at 602.319.4596 for projects outside of Arizona.

9. What do I need to submit to Royce to receive a bid for my masonry project?

If you have a project you would like Royce to bid please go to the Contact Us page and we will be happy to help you.

10. Does Royce Masonry provide design drawings and engineering?

Royce Masonry works closely with Caruso, Turley, Scott engineering firm and can provide design drawings and engineering for masonry fences and retaining walls. These designs and engineering can be submitted to Landscape Architects and Civil Engineers and can be incorporated into their plans for submittal.

11. How do I know that Royce will stand behind their work?

Royce Masonry enforces a strict quality control program to insure excellent workmanship as well as superior structural integrity. Royce warranties all their work and has a prompt and exceptional customer service department to handle all post job issues. Please Contact Us if you would like references from some of our leading customers.

Dooley's original site
Proto II™ wall detail
GSF Stone wall
Cortona project wall
Caruso Project wall

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